Meet an Allergy Pal – An Interview with Mackenzie



We are pleased to announce the launch of the Winter session of Allergy Pals/Allergy Allies, a free online program that supports kids and youth with food allergies in eight online sessions led by older peer mentors. Registration for the session beginning January 28 is open now. Check out the details below!

Today, we interviewed a participant in the Allergy Pals program, eleven year old Mackenzie, a grade six student who lives in the Toronto area.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the Allergy Pals/Allies program?
A. That I make new friends with food allergies just like Kyle Dine. I also liked how they taught me stuff that I did not know already. I learned that a lot of people that have food allergies have asthma and eczema. I didn’t know that because I don’t have asthma or eczema.

Q. What are some of the most important things you feel you’ve learned from Allergy Pals/Allies?
A. That I can be whoever I want to be with food allergies. For example, an astronaut, an artist, or a rock star. It also reinforced that I already know a lot about allergies and how to keep myself safe. For example, wiping my desk at lunch time, because if someone touched it and had peanuts on their hand then I may have a reaction when I eat my lunch.

Q. Would you recommend Allergy Pals/Allies for other kids and youth with food allergies? Why?
A. Yes. Because you get to meet other people with food allergies, and you get to learn all about your food allergies! I also liked talking to other kids with allergies because it helps me be less worried about my food allergies. Also the sessions are fun and enjoyable. The mentors are the best!

Q. If you could offer one piece of advice to other kids with food allergies, what would it be?
A. If you feel alone with food allergies don’t be, because there are a lot of other people that have food allergies just like you and me.

Registration for the Winter session of Allergy Pals (ages 7-11) and Allergy Allies (ages 12-15) is open, and spaces are filling up!

Click here to learn more and to register!