New! Meeting with McDonald’s and their response to our community

McDonald's petitionIn response to our open letter to McDonald’s in the Globe and Mail on January 23rd, and the overwhelming public response and media coverage around the recent allergy-related changes at McDonald’s, we are meeting with John Betts, President & CEO of McDonald’s Canada, and his team in February.

This is great news and really demonstrates the impact of this community! Thank you for your support in helping to make this meeting happen.

We want to hear from you before our meeting with McDonald’s so in the coming days, we’ll share some ways you can let us know your perspective on this very important issue. Stay tuned!

New media statement from McDonald’s

McDonald’s issued a new media statement on their website. You can read their statement here.

We do support McDonald’s on the importance of communicating the recent changes in how they handle nut products in their restaurants, especially as it is a safety issue. However, the community still requires clarity around what has changed in their allergen management policies and why the vague “may contain” statement for all allergens is needed on all their menu items.

McDonald’s did engage us prior to their launch and we voiced our concerns on the new allergy notice and the significant implications this change would have on our community. However, as McDonald’s has indicated in their statement, while they respected our input, they made their own business decision.

Keep the momentum going

Although it’s a great first step in getting a meeting with McDonald’s, it’s more important than ever to continue showing McDonald’s how much this community really cares about this issue. 

Please sign the petition, if you have not already, and continue to share it with family and friends. Although thousands of people have signed the petition so far, we know these changes impact millions. We need your help to get as many people as possible to sign the petition, so McDonald’s can fully appreciate the size of this community.

Please also donate to keep this public campaign in the forefront and to keep the momentum going.

Thank you for your support. Your voice is making a difference.