An open letter to McDonald’s: Sign our petition because we’re #NotLovinIt

McDonald's petition

In the January 23rd issue of the Globe and Mail, we posted an open letter to Mr. John Betts, President & CEO of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd. We are writing on your behalf, the individuals and families who make up our community, to urge him to reconsider the recent allergy-related changes at McDonald’s and to reconfirm his commitment of offering a safer dining experience for all his guests. Read the open letter.

We need a strong and collective response to McDonald’s on these new changes to let them know how this impacts the more than 2.5 million Canadians with food allergies, and to the millions more who support them. Sign the petition now.

How you can help

  • Add your name to this letter in the form of a petition that will go directly to McDonald’s. Share this petition and have your family members, friends and others sign too. Together, we can show how big our community is and how loud our voice can be.
  • Write a personal letter to Mr. Betts, to tell him how these changes have affected you and your family. Your stories have impact.
  • Go to your local McDonald’s this week and share your story with the manager, ask them if there is anything they can do to help reverse this change. Urge them to voice their concerns with Mr. Betts on the impact this decision will make on their bottom line.
  • Help us continue this public media campaign to keep the conversation going and to keep the pressure on McDonald’s to reconsider. If everyone reading this gave just $5, we could run this campaign for much longer!

Together, we can ensure this important issue remains at the forefront and gets the attention it deserves, with the hopes that McDonald’s will reaffirm their commitment to this community. Until they do, we’re still #NotLovinIt.

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