Toronto motion for stock epinephrine: Voice your support

Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak filed a motion in March 2017 to explore a policy option that would mandate all Toronto restaurants and other potential public places to carry stock epinephrine, which are epinephrine auto-injectors that are not prescribed for a particular person and can be used in an emergency.

The motion was presented to Council in March and was deferred to the Licensing and Standards Committee for review and for their recommendation back to Council on whether to proceed with this motion. The Licensing and Standards meeting has now been set for Tuesday April 18th.

We will be providing our recommendations to the Licensing and Standards Committee in support of the motion. In addition, we will propose the current motion be amended to consider universal training on allergen management for foodservice staff.

To voice your support, email the Licensing and Standards Committee by 4 p.m. EST on Thursday April 13, 2017. At the link, please click on the top right corner where it says “Submit comments”.

Let the Committee know that you:

  1. Support the motion for stock epinephrine in Toronto restaurants and other public places
  2. Want the motion expanded to include universal training for foodservice staff on allergen management. It is critical for people with food allergies to have access to information so they can make informed choices when dining out.

You can include personal stories on the impact it would make on you and your family to have universal training in foodservice, and stock epinephrine available in restaurants and other public places.

Be sure to submit your comments to the Licensing and Standards committee by the deadline in order for your comments to be considered.

Thank you for your support!  Together, we will help to make dining out safer for everyone.