Latest news from Food Allergy Canada – May 2017

It’s Food Allergy Awareness Month, learn all the exciting things we have planned this month, including details on a May 15th webinar you are invited to about stock epinephrine in foodservice settings. Plus, nominate someone for the Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award and the Robyn Allen Leadership Award, and learn about Ontario’s pharmacare plan.

Food Allergy Awareness Month

It’s Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada and there are many exciting things we have planned to increase awareness and education of food allergies across the country.

Our focus for the month is on creating awareness on dining out safely with food allergies, and the shared responsibility of the diner and of foodservice establishments in terms of keeping safe with food allergies.

  • We have launched a thank you campaign on social media to acknowledge foodservice establishments (restaurants, cafes, bakeries, etc.) that do a great job at being allergy aware.
  • We are hosting a webinar on May 15th on the benefits and consideration for carrying stock epinephrine in foodservice settings. Stock epinephrine is an epinephrine auto-injector, e.g. EpiPen®, that is not prescribed to anyone and can be used in an emergency.
  • This month, we are presenting a webinar to food safety inspectors across the Ontario to review the importance of food allergen management in foodservice settings.
  • We will be releasing findings of our Dining Out survey that many of you participated in last year that highlight the need for shared responsibility when dining out.

And that’s not all, check out all that we have going on this month, including the lighting of monuments across Canada, announcing the winners of community awards, and other details on what you can do to support awareness of food allergies.

We’re adding more activities and events each week, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated. Next week we’ll be launching a fun new way you can help to raise awareness.  Stay tuned!

Webinar on May 15th: Stock epinephrine in foodservice settings

Participate in an upcoming webinar that focuses on the benefits and consideration for having stock epinephrine in public settings, particularly in foodservice settings. Stock epinephrine is an epinephrine auto-injector (e.g. EpiPen®) that is not prescribed to anyone and can be used in an emergency.

The webinar is on Monday May 15th, 2017 from 1pm-2pm EST.

Learn more and register today.

Ontario pharmacare plan

We are very pleased that the Ontario Government has committed to providing free prescription drugs for youth under the age of 25 as of January 2018. The announcement contained in the April 2017 Ontario Budget will greatly benefit many individuals and families who have children with food allergies, and who might not be able to afford an epinephrine auto-injector (e.g. EpiPen®).

Read our statement.

Toronto motion on carrying stock epinephrine in restaurants

On April 18, 2017, the City of Toronto’s Licensing and Standards Committee voted to indefinitely defer the motion to explore a policy option that would mandate all Toronto restaurants and other potential public places to carry stock epinephrine (epinephrine auto-injectors that are not prescribed for a particular person and can be used in an emergency).

We were there to provide our recommendations to the Committee to let them know that we:

  1. Supported the motion for stock epinephrine in Toronto restaurants and other public places
  2. Wanted the motion expanded to include universal training for foodservice staff on allergen management. It is critical for people with food allergies to have access to information so they can make informed choices when dining out.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their comments directly to the Committee. We are continuing to advocate for food allergy awareness and public policies that support shared responsibility for managing food allergies.

Read our statement on the deferral of the motion.

The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award: Application deadline is June 16th, 2017

The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award is dedicated to the life of Sabrina Shannon, an inspiring teenager who suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction in 2003. Two $1,000 awards will be granted to students entering their first year or continuing their studies at a post-secondary institution. Applicants do not need to have food allergies to be eligible for the award.

June 16, 2017 is the deadline for applications. Learn more and apply today!

Robyn Allen Leadership Award: Deadline extended to May 15th, 2017

The Robyn Allen Leadership Award is given annually to an individual who has made a unique contribution to the lives of Canadians living with severe allergies through their efforts in education, advocacy, community building, leadership, or fundraising. The award is in memory of Robyn Allen, a beautiful young girl who passed away from an allergic reaction in 1990. Although a food allergy to peanuts triggered the response, it was lack of awareness that led to her death.

To be eligible for the award, you must be:

  • A healthcare professional, industry representative (e.g. food manufacturer, foodservice), government representative, or advocate who provides leadership to effect change and improve the lives of those at risk for anaphylaxis.

Learn more about the award and how to nominate someone. The deadline for submissions has been extended to May 15, 2017.