5 Questions for: Tech Pioneer and Food Allergy Advocate Bruce Croxon

Bruce Croxon is a tech pioneer, investor, speaker and television host. As a volunteer for Food Allergy Canada, he speaks from experience and advocates strongly for our community. We recently spoke with Bruce about raising a child with food allergies and the unique power of parents in allergy education and awareness. Food Allergy Canada (FAC): Let’s start at the…  Read More

Teen Workshop and Baseball Game – May 28th in Toronto

We are hosting a grand slam event for teens with food allergies on Sunday, May 28, 2017. Our annual teen workshop will feature a fun-filled morning with interactive presentations, lively discussions, and team-building activities lead by our Youth Advisory Panel, followed by an afternoon trip to the Toronto Blue Jays Game where seats are reserved…  Read More

Call for participants: A study on food allergy in twins

If you are a parent of a twin or twins with food allergy or are an adult twin with food allergy, you are invited to participate in a study that began last year called START (Susceptibility To Food Allergy in a Registry of Twins). Please see the note below from the research team for the…  Read More

Newly-Diagnosed Spotlight: Yi Lian

This month, we had the privilege of talking with Yi Lian. Yi is a member of the Montreal Anaphylaxis Support Group. Her toddler was recently diagnosed with food allergies. Here, she tells us about her family’s journey as they work to manage their son’s allergies. Please tell our readers a bit about how you learned…  Read More

Food Allergy Risk-Reduction Through the Seasons: Winter Skin Care Tips

For adults, kids, and teens managing food allergies, the winter season poses some unique challenges. One common question is how to keep skin and lips moist in the cold, dry winter months. Because lip balms, moisturizing creams, bath oils, and sunscreen make direct contact with the mouth, eyes, or hands, they need to be treated…  Read More

Ways to give – March 2017

Help us to support you! Please consider donating to Food Allergy Canada. With your support, we can: Provide critical education and personalized support programs that are medically reviewed and content rich for adults, children, educators, employers, and the community. Advocate with government and industry to improve the quality of life for people with food allergies: whether that’s…  Read More

From the community – March 2017

This month from the community, we hear from a mother and her journey on parenting a child with multiple food allergies. It’s a powerful story and we thank her for sharing her journey with us.  We also have a new peanut/tree nut free recipe to share from our friends at SMARTIES.   Parenting a child…  Read More