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Support Group Profile: The Metro Vancouver Anaphylaxis Group

This month, we were delighted to have the opportunity to interview not just one, but all three co-leaders of the Metro Vancouver Anaphylaxis Group. In the following interview, Stephanie von Dehn, Elaine Hsu Wardley, and Sarah MacKinnon tell us all about their support group and the communities it serves. Tell our readers a little bit…  Read More

Newly-Diagnosed Spotlight: Yi Lian

This month, we had the privilege of talking with Yi Lian. Yi is a member of the Montreal Anaphylaxis Support Group. Her toddler was recently diagnosed with food allergies. Here, she tells us about her family’s journey as they work to manage their son’s allergies. Please tell our readers a bit about how you learned…  Read More

Food Allergy Risk-Reduction Through the Seasons: Winter Skin Care Tips

For adults, kids, and teens managing food allergies, the winter season poses some unique challenges. One common question is how to keep skin and lips moist in the cold, dry winter months. Because lip balms, moisturizing creams, bath oils, and sunscreen make direct contact with the mouth, eyes, or hands, they need to be treated…  Read More

A Winning Profile: Secord Elementary School Wins the 2016 Allergy-Friendly Food Drive Challenge

Last fall, we launched the Allergy Friendly Food Drive Challenge as part of our Summer of TAG program with Canadian hall-of-fame racecar driver Alex Tagliani. Spearheaded by Tagliani, and supported by Pfizer, the Canadian distributor of EpiPen®, this initiative raised awareness of food allergies, and garnered the support and participation of schools across Canada. During…  Read More

The Heart of the Matter: Valentine’s Day Tips

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you, your sweetheart, or your child have food allergies. For some of us, this holiday can feel like a minefield of chocolate and candy. But the day isn’t just about food; it’s about love and caring. If you’re looking for tips to help make the day a sweet and safer one,…  Read More

Meet an Allergy Pal – An Interview with Mackenzie

  We are pleased to announce the launch of the Winter session of Allergy Pals/Allergy Allies, a free online program that supports kids and youth with food allergies in eight online sessions led by older peer mentors. Registration for the session beginning January 28 is open now. Check out the details below! Today, we interviewed a participant in…  Read More

Myths and Facts: December Edition

Happy Holidays, everyone! For this month’s Myths and Facts, we are rounding up our entries from 2016 and providing them as links (The series started in April). Thanks again to our wonderful team of allergists who provided scientifically-reviewed answers. The allergists who answered each question are indicated in each entry that we link to. Their bios…  Read More

Myths and Facts: November Edition

MYTH: “Our 15-month-old daughter had an allergic reaction to a food last month, but our pediatrician said we don’t need to do tests or see an allergist because she is still ‘too young’ for testing”. FACT: If a child has an allergic reaction after the child has eaten a food, a child can have an…  Read More