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Helping Kids Get Ready for a New School Year

Each new school year brings new circumstances for parents of students with food allergies. Here are some tips for parents in preparing their kids for a new year. Young Children Once you have talked about your child’s needs with the school, be sure to talk with your child, so that he or she is prepared. Laura Bantock,…  Read More

Quebec: Woman with Wasp Allergy Saved by Quick-Thinking Pharmacist

Josée Asselin, from the Laurentians, was gardening at home when she got stung by a wasp. She began to have a reaction on her skin and decided to drive to the pharmacy for antihistamines. Just before she reached the pharmacy, she started to have trouble breathing. As Asselin walked into the pharmacy, pharmacist Ugo Deschênes…  Read More

Welcome to our new blog!

We’re very excited to be launching our new blog today! In this space, we will be blogging the latest Food Allergy Canada news and updates from the world of research, as well as ideas, views and information from across the food allergy community. Our big news is the re-launch of our organization. Formerly known as…  Read More

Parents Talk: Special Needs Kids and Food Allergy Management

By Anne King I recently spoke with five moms of kids that have food allergies as well as special needs (such as autism or developmental delay), to learn about the specific challenges they face. Each parent spoke of the need to have a team — family, allergist, therapist and school — working together to understand…  Read More

Food Allergies and Holiday Parties: A Guide for Keeping Safe

Holiday parties can be a challenge when you’re managing food allergies. Here are some tips from our members, whether you are celebrating with family, friends or co-workers. If You’re a Host Be Allergy Aware. Ask your guests about food allergies in advance, because they may not volunteer that information (especially in a workplace setting). Being…  Read More