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AdultswithAllergies.com – A Blog Just For You

In the spring of 2014, we were thrilled to launch a blog dedicated to providing adults with allergies specific information to their unique challenges: www.adultswithallergies.com. We started with a small group of contributors, which has now grown to over a dozen bloggers of various ages and experiences. If you are passionate about educating others and willing…  Read More

Guest Post: Travelling with Food Allergies

By Nicole K. The following post is from our Adults with Allergies blog, a place for sharing stories and advice on living with food allergies in work, travel, and so much more. I was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies at a very young age. Growing up I had always wanted to travel, specifically to Egypt…  Read More

Adults with Allergies: A Place to Share

Have you checked out our Adults with Allergies blog? It is written by and for our members who are over 18 years of age: all about managing food allergies in the world of work, dating, health care, social life and more. Our current blog theme for the next several weeks is “Explaining My Food Allergies”, with…  Read More

Guest Post: Food allergies and the dentist

Our Adults with Allergies blog is written and maintained by members of Food Allergy Canada’s Adults with Allergies Panel, a group of allergic adults from across Canada. If you haven’t yet had a chance to see the full blog, come check it out! Following is a guest post by an AWA writer, about visiting the…  Read More