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News from the world of allergy

Twin Study: McGill University is doing a study on twins and food allergy. If you are a twin or if you have twins affected by food allergies, please consider taking part in this important research and learn more about how you can be part of the study.  Siblings: A new study in the June 13…  Read More

Member Stories: For this dad, a sudden reaction changed everything

Brian Brennan has been an “allergy dad” for more than 20 years. But last year, Brian had a sudden reaction to shellfish — the first food allergy reaction in his life. The experience changed the way he views food allergy and his understanding of his kids’ lives as they manage their food allergies. “We were…  Read More

A conversation at SickKids about food allergy and mental health

By Anne King Recently I visited with some experts at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (SickKids), for a discussion about food allergies and mental health. Dr. Melissa Lieberman is a Psychologist in the hospital’s Eating Disorders Program and Kellie Welch is Clinical Dietitian, also at SickKids. We discussed the challenges facing parents and…  Read More

Emotional Impact

Certain life events – such as a new diagnosis or a recent reaction – can bring about a wide range of emotions including fear, anxiety, anger, loneliness and guilt. Acknowledging and responding to these emotions can be very helpful in managing them, and in managing your allergies. New Diagnosis Initial anxiety with a new diagnosis…  Read More