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Questions and answers about the flu vaccine: egg allergy, asthma and more

It’s flu season again, and if you have asthma or other chronic conditions you are probably getting your flu vaccine soon. Many people who do not have chronic health conditions also get the flu shot to help prevent the spread of the disease to more vulnerable people in the community. Doctor’s offices, most pharmacies and…  Read More

Asthma Society of Canada: New resources for managing asthma in fall

The Asthma Society of Canada has released its guide for Preventing the September Asthma Peak, a campaign to educate kids, families and teachers about asthma care during September and throughout fall. There is a significant peak in the number of children requiring hospital treatment as a result of asthma in September due to a number of factors….  Read More

Peak asthma season: What you need to know

We spoke about peak allergy season and asthma control with Nancy Ross, RN, BN, CAE. Nancy is a Certified Asthma Education Nurse at the Children’s Allergy and Asthma Education Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Q. Why is September known as a peak asthma season? Nancy: In Canada, September is the peak time of year for hospital…  Read More

Guest Post: Update on Bill 41, Lung Health Act

By Chris J. Yaccato, Provincial Manager, Government Relations and Public Affairs, The Lung Association Ontario On behalf of the Ontario Lung Association and the 2.4 million Ontarians who live with lung disease I would like to thank all of you for an incredible year. On June 1, at 3:30pm the Government Leader in the House,…  Read More

Asthma: Spring and Summer Guide

If you have asthma, you know that each season brings specific triggers — and a new landscape for managing your asthma. Below are some answers and resources that can help. Why is there an asthma peak in spring? Between February and May, the pollen content in the air suddenly spikes, and so do ER visits…  Read More

CHILD Study awarded new grants for asthma study

Three projects leveraging AllerGen’s Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study have been awarded 5-year grants, valued at over $5.6 million, from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The grants are part of a broader government initiative to combat chronic health conditions. The CHILD Study follows a Canadian longitudinal birth cohort study of 3500…  Read More


Quick Facts Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway. It is a life-long condition that may change over time. Many people with food allergies also have asthma. What is Asthma? Asthma is a chronic (life-long) inflammatory disease of the airways that can cause: Wheezing Tightness in the chest Coughing Shortness of breath Asthma…  Read More