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Ways to give: Food Allergy Awareness Month

Food Allergy Awareness Month is coming up – help us to increase the awareness and education of food allergies! Please donate to Food Allergy Canada and help us continue raising awareness and education throughout your communities. With your support, we can: Provide critical education and personalized support programs that are medically reviewed and content rich for…  Read More

It’s Giving Tuesday – why you should support Food Allergy Canada

Today is Giving Tuesday, join the movement of giving and donate to Food Allergy Canada today. We work hard to support the 2.5 million Canadians with food allergies: We provide this community and others with critical education around managing food allergies through medically reviewed and content rich resources, like the AllergyAware.ca courses and the national…  Read More

Ways to give

Help all Canadians get access to epinephrine You have no doubt heard about the recent reports of the rising price increases of the EpiPen® epinephrine auto-injector in the United States. Luckily, in Canada, a regulatory process is in place to determine pricing for drugs such as the EpiPen® and prices have remained stable. However, we recognize…  Read More

Fundraising Hero: Jeff Smith and the Horseshoe to Grouse Challenge

The Horseshoe to Grouse Challenge is the definition of a fitness challenge. Participants cycle 40 kilometres along the Vancouver coast, then hike uphill nearly 3 kilometres, travelling 2,800 feet of elevation for the final leg of the race. This year, Vancouver dad Jeff Smith decided to take the challenge — and he raised $11,000 to…  Read More

Donate to Food Allergy Canada

Your donation to Food Allergy Canada helps support the 2.5 million Canadians with food allergies. We can’t do it without you!  Donate now With your support, we can… Provide critical education and personalized support programs that are medically reviewed and content rich for adults, children, educators, employers, and the community. Advocate with government and industry to…  Read More