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From the community: Two personal stories on OIT

Oral Immunotherapy, known as OIT, is one of several food allergy desensitization treatments conducted under close medical supervision by allergists. It involves giving patients progressively larger doses of the allergen, followed by ongoing, daily maintenance doses, to increase and maintain tolerance. Though it has worked for many patients, OIT is not a cure for food…  Read More

Myths and Facts: October Edition

MYTH: “My neighbour says she read that there is a cure for food allergies and she wants to know why we ‘haven’t gotten it yet’ for our son.” FACT: Currently, there is no cure for food allergy. There are, however, many interesting studies underway to explore different approaches for treatment. Some children qualify for these…  Read More

Myth vs Fact: April Edition

MYTH: “My aunt says that if we just give him just a little bit of his allergen, he’ll get used to it and develop a tolerance.” FACT: Giving someone “a little bit of his allergen” is not safe. It is not the same thing that is being done in the clinical trials for Oral Immunotherapy…  Read More