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From the community: Two personal stories on OIT

Oral Immunotherapy, known as OIT, is one of several food allergy desensitization treatments conducted under close medical supervision by allergists. It involves giving patients progressively larger doses of the allergen, followed by ongoing, daily maintenance doses, to increase and maintain tolerance. Though it has worked for many patients, OIT is not a cure for food…  Read More

Advocacy and research – April 2017

Read about a stock epinephrine program in New Brunswick led by nurse practitioner Kelly Dunfield. Also, you can find out more details on current research involving twins with food allergy, the latest update with our meetings with McDonald’s Canada, and where you can view our recorded webinar on the new guidelines for feeding peanut to…  Read More

Research and advocacy

Health Canada wants to hear from you: Survey and public consultations on labelling for personal care products Health Canada is currently seeking feedback back from Canadians on a new initiative to improve regulation of self-care products in Canada. These products include: natural health products (such as supplements), cosmetics and non-prescription drugs. The survey is an opportunity to raise the…  Read More

News from the world of allergy

Twin Study: McGill University is doing a study on twins and food allergy. If you are a twin or if you have twins affected by food allergies, please consider taking part in this important research and learn more about how you can be part of the study.  Siblings: A new study in the June 13…  Read More


Food Allergy Canada’s Involvement in Research We believe that education today teaches people how to stay safe and research will lead to improvements tomorrow – prevention of food allergies, improved therapies…and hopefully, one day, a cure. We need both. Thanks to our generous donors, we have been able to contribute financially to important research studies….  Read More