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Elementary Schools – Take the Allergy Aware Challenge!

We are excited to announce a new program to educate students about severe allergies in elementary schools. The Allergy Aware Challenge is a suite of resources that educators can use to teach students in Kindergarten through grade 8 about food allergies. With challenging worksheets, fun activities and engaging classroom discussions, the program will help students take food…  Read More

Back to school: Resources for parents and teachers

School is about to begin…are you ready? Our team has developed many resources to help you and your family – as well as school staff – with back-to-school preparation. For families Parent checklist: Key reminders for parents and students. Tick off the boxes to make sure you remembered everything. If your child is newly diagnosed, check…  Read More

Update: Allergy Aware Challenge for publicly-funded schools

The Allergy Aware Challenge contest has ended. Winners will be announced soon! Attention Principals, Vice Principals or designates: Is your school allergy aware? Take the Anaphylaxis in Schools: What Educators Need to Know online course to learn more about managing allergies and your school may win $1,000 and an Anaphylaxis Tool Kit. The contest is…  Read More

Helping Kids Get Ready for a New School Year

Each new school year brings new circumstances for parents of students with food allergies. Here are some tips for parents in preparing their kids for a new year. Young Children Once you have talked about your child’s needs with the school, be sure to talk with your child, so that he or she is prepared. Laura Bantock,…  Read More

Bus & Field Trips

Do you Know What to Do? Do you know how to recognize an anaphylactic reaction, and do you know what to do in an emergency? If you are a teacher, staff member, driver, or volunteer on a field trip, you need to be prepared. Understand the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and what to do….  Read More

Multiple Food Allergies

 Quick Facts A person can be allergic to any food. Some people have allergies to several different foods. Education and awareness are very important in managing multiple food allergies. A Unique Challenge for Families If your child has been diagnosed with more than one food allergy, you may feel overwhelmed at first. This is natural….  Read More

National School Policies

Anaphylaxis Law and Policies by Province and Territory In 2005 the Province of Ontario passed Sabrina’s Law. This landmark legislation — the first of its kind in the world — created specific, legally-required steps to help keep children at risk for anaphylaxis safe at school. Sabrina’s Law has made school safer for countless students with…  Read More

Resources For Educators

Welcome to our Educators Resource Page. This page contains resources, information and links for schools and childcare settings. Educators, allergists, and training professionals have all worked in the development of these resources to make them as informative and user-friendly as possible. We thank you for taking the time to learn and make use of our…  Read More

Safety Checklist

Living with food allergies means being prepared and staying safe. Choose from our menu on the left side of this page to learn about being allergy-aware at home, school, work and while travelling and dining out. Ask Yourself Before leaving the house: Do I have my epinephrine auto-injector? At the restaurant: Do the waitstaff and…  Read More

At School

A Guide for Parents Teachers and Child Care workers: Please see our Educators Resources page. Quick Facts It is natural to have concerns when your child is starting school. Becoming informed will help you to keep your child safe. Food Allergy Canada has many resources to help your family make the transition to school. Be…  Read More