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Deferred indefinitely – Toronto motion on stock epinephrine, read our statement

Yesterday, the City of Toronto’s Licensing and Standards Committee voted to indefinitely defer the motion to explore a policy option that would mandate all Toronto restaurants and other potential public places to carry stock epinephrine (epinephrine auto-injectors that are not prescribed for a particular person and can be used in an emergency). We are disappointed…  Read More

WestJet Updates Allergy Policy

As you may know WestJet announced last fall that they were reviewing their current allergy policy – specifically regarding carrying stock epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens®) on board. They have now recently updated their policy on their website stating that they are no longer carrying  EpiPen® auto-injectors on board any of their aircrafts. Food Allergy Canada is…  Read More

Food Allergy Canada’s letter to WestJet regarding on-board epinephrine

        June 8, 2016 Mr. Gregg Saretsky President and Chief Executive Officer, WestJet 22 Aerial Place NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 3J1 Dear Mr. Saretsky, Re: WestJet’s Recent Allergy Policy Change – Removal of onboard EpiPens® On behalf of Food Allergy Canada (formerly Anaphylaxis Canada), the country’s leading advocacy and education organization for…  Read More

Georgina, Ontario: Fire department lauded for carrying epinephrine on its vehicles

The town of Georgina, Ontario is now providing epinephrine auto-injectors on its fire trucks as part of its medical response equipment. This is extremely helpful for people with food allergies because fire fighters are sometimes the first responders in an anaphylaxis emergency. More and more North American municipalities are stocking their fire department vehicles with…  Read More

Sussex, New Brunswick Unveils New Stock Epinephrine Program

The town of Sussex, New Brunswick is providing epinephrine auto-injectors for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis in 24 locations, including schools, restaurants, recreation centres and the Fire Department. Much like AED stations, the auto-injectors are housed in visibly-located wall-mounted cabinets. Rothesay, a local High School, is one of the schools participating, in honour of student Caroline Lorette, who died from…  Read More