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Support Group Profile: The Metro Vancouver Anaphylaxis Group

This month, we were delighted to have the opportunity to interview not just one, but all three co-leaders of the Metro Vancouver Anaphylaxis Group. In the following interview, Stephanie von Dehn, Elaine Hsu Wardley, and Sarah MacKinnon tell us all about their support group and the communities it serves. Tell our readers a little bit…  Read More

Get involved

The allergy-friendly food drive challenge: raise awareness and support your local community  Teachers and students: Help raise awareness about food allergies in your school, help families in your community, and get a chance to win prizes for your school at the same time! Host or participate in an allergy-friendly food drive at your school during…  Read More

Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group: 2016-17 Schedule of Events

The Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group (TAEG) is a learning and support group for individuals and parents of children living with life threatening allergies. It is an amazing resource and we are proud to support it! Upcoming meeting dates and topics for Fall and beyond: Tuesday, September 27, 7-9pm: Food Labelling and more TAEG is thrilled…  Read More

Building Community: The Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group

Sarah Nichol’s 8 years old son has multiple food allergies including dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut and fish. After his first reactions as an infant, Sarah decided to organize and grow a support group for other moms and dads of children with food allergies: the Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group. From a Reaction: Action Sarah’s son…  Read More

Emotional Impact

Certain life events – such as a new diagnosis or a recent reaction – can bring about a wide range of emotions including fear, anxiety, anger, loneliness and guilt. Acknowledging and responding to these emotions can be very helpful in managing them, and in managing your allergies. New Diagnosis Initial anxiety with a new diagnosis…  Read More