Public webinar: Foundation in Food Allergy – what you need to know about managing food allergy and anaphylaxis

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Participate in a free webinar that provides fundamental information for managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. This session is primarily geared towards parents of children who have been recently diagnosed with a food allergy. It’s also a great session for others who are interested in this topic, or would like a refresher.

Here are the details:

Carla, community advocate and parent mentor
  • What is the webinar about: Building a solid foundation to understanding the facts around food allergy and how to manage daily life. Topics include basic information about food allergy, risk reduction, symptom recognition, and emergency management.
  • Who is presenting: Carla Da Silva, who is the mother of a 10 year-old son with multiple food allergies, a community advocate, and the leader of a support group in Montreal. She has been trained as a parent mentor to deliver information in the community on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis.
  • When is the webinar: Sessions are offered monthly.
  • Who should attend: This session is geared towards parents/guardians of children who have been recently diagnosed with food allergies. Anyone interested in this topic is also welcome to attend.

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