2017 Robyn Allen Leadership Award recipient

(L to R) Marilyn Allen, Jim Kostuch (President of TrainCan), Margaret Spence Krewen (technical writer/editor at TrainCan), Laurie Harada

The Robyn Allen Leadership Award recognizes a special person or group that exemplifies extraordinary leadership and dedication in the advancement of food allergy awareness and education. The Allen family and Food Allergy Canada greatly appreciate the efforts of those whose work has resulted in a positive change in the health and well-being of people at risk of anaphylaxis.

Robyn Allen

This award is sponsored by Robyn’s parents Marilyn and Bob Allen, as a tribute to their daughter, Robyn, who sadly succumbed to an anaphylactic reaction in 1990, just months before her 16th birthday. A lack of awareness of the severity of anaphylaxis contributed to her death and her parents have made it their mission to ensure that Robyn’s story continues to be a beacon of awareness, encouraging others to strive to better the lives of those with potentially life-threatening allergies.

The 2017 Robyn Allen Leadership Award recipient is TrainCan Inc., a certified food safety training provider.

In 2011, TrainCan partnered with Food Allergy Canada to develop the first food safety course dedicated to the management of food allergens in the foodservice and food retail industry. The Allergen Training Basics for the Foodservice and Food Retail Industry (ATB course) launched in 2012.

TrainCan has helped to ensure that employees in the hospitality and foodservice sectors receive the allergen training they need to meet the requirements of consumers with food allergies. Their contribution in the development of the ATB course and their commitment to deliver training to numerous Public Health Inspectors, culinary professionals, post-secondary foodservice students and employees of many leading Canadian foodservice industry companies, is exceptional.

Congratulations TrainCan and thank you for your commitment to the food allergy community!