From the community: Kid-preneur Arianna Flowers is cooking up change

Arianna Flowers

10-year-old Arianna Flowers is using her entrepreneur skills to be an active voice in the community and provide allergy-safe recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Arianna’s allergies were first discovered at 6-months old when her grandfather touched her lips with his walnut ice cream. Since then she has developed allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, penicillin, bees, wasps, coconut, pumpkin, and cantaloupe.

During this past school year, Arianna’s class was presented with an opportunity called “Kid-preneurs of the coast” a crash course that teaches kids about starting their own business. Following the course, the kids were given a small start-up fund to start a business.

Arianna’s allergy-friendly cookbook

Arianna’s idea stemmed from wanting to be able bake allergy-free desserts for birthday parties so that she would be able to attend them, and from there she developed the idea of an allergy-free cookbook.

Inside Arianna’s cookbook are ten of her favourite no-fail recipes that are peanut, dairy, and egg free. She also included ideas for milk and egg substitutes, allergy facts, birthday party ideas for children with allergies, and more. She and her mother, Shannon Marsh, found the recipes online and through Facebook groups.

Arianna and sister Madison, 11, at booth

At her local market this past Canada Day, Arianna and her 11-year old sister Madison sold 33 copies of her cookbook. The girls handed out teal ribbons to each customer to represent and support food allergy awareness.

When asked what she hopes will happen now that people own her cookbook, Arianna said that her goal is to never bring her own cupcake to another birthday party because now the parents will know how to make a cake everyone can enjoy.

You’re making a big difference Arianna! Thanks for helping to create awareness and make a real impact.