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To educate, support, and advocate for the needs of individuals and families living with food allergy and the risk of anaphylaxis, as well as to support and participate in research related to food allergy and anaphylaxis.


When my son had a reaction to [an undeclared ingredient] in some cookies, I called Food Allergy Canada. They told me how to contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and report it, and I did.

The Allergy Information Service

Through our free Allergy Information Service, we reach thousands of households each year. Sign up to receive email updates that are of interest to you on product recalls, events, trends in school policies, food labelling, research, and more.

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I don’t know how we would have made it through the cumin recall [for peanut cross-contamination] without the Allergy Information Service. I have two kids with multiple food allergies, and we really need this information. Thank you.


Our online resources include:

Offline, we offer workshops and courses for educators, childcare workers, schools, restaurants, food manufacturers, and the community.

Our daughter’s school recently took Food Allergy Canada’s online course on anaphylaxis education. It’s amazing that this course is free. Our daughter is safer at school because this course exists.


Food Allergy Canada has helped to create a stronger voice for Canadians with food allergies. We speak regularly with the media about food allergy, reaching millions of Canadians.

By making our views known to government, the travel industry, and food companies, we have helped make Canada a safer and more inclusive place for people with food allergies.

We have seen an increase in public understanding and improved policies in schools and daycares. We successfully advocated to get food labelling legislation passed to have allergens stated consistently on labels.


We are proud of our participation in research. Thanks to the family and friends who organize and participate in the Annual Sean Delaney Memorial Golf Classic, Food Allergy Canada has contributed more than $4.4 million to support food allergy research since 2007.

Through our Allergy Information Service, we help Canadian researchers find people to participate in studies across the country. We also contribute in-kind dollars and services to help with Canadian research efforts into the management of food allergies and the search for potential cures.

We attend and speak at conferences in the medical community and within the allergy advocacy community internationally. Through our newsletter, social media and website, we let our members know about the latest in research.

When I was first diagnosed, everything was totally new to me. I had to educate myself, and Food Allergy Canada helped me in that journey. I am much more aware and safer thanks to Food Allergy Canada.