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Our organization was officially founded in 2001, with the merging of two groups: The Anaphylaxis Network of Canada and The Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada. From 2001-2015, we operated under the name Anaphylaxis Canada. In May 2015, we changed our name to Food Allergy Canada.  This change is the next step in our ongoing effort to make life safer for people with food allergies and those that may be at risk from anaphylaxis, by broadening our reach and supporting even more Canadians.


Food Allergy Canada has worked tirelessly on behalf of millions of people at risk for anaphylaxis and is grateful to the support of many individuals who have supported important causes. While there are many examples, we are especially proud of two major achievements that have impacted the lives of millions of Canadians.

  • We helped make food labels easier to understand
    For more than a decade, Food Allergy Canada was at the forefront of discussions and meetings with Health Canada officials, letter writing campaigns to politicians, and awareness building through media outreach, advocating for clearer and simpler ingredient lists. In August 2012, the Canadian government finally introduced new regulations that require manufacturers to list common food allergens in simple language and make it clearer to consumers when they are present in pre-packaged foods.
  • We ushered in groundbreaking legislation to protect students at risk of anaphylaxis
    Food Allergy Canada worked tirelessly on the campaign to successfully pass Sabrina’s Law (2005) , landmark legislation that supports children with severe allergies in Ontario public schools. The law has served as a model for legislation in other countries as well as Ryan’s Law (a law to protect students with asthma), which received Royal Assent in 2015 in Ontario. We continue to advocate for improved anaphylaxis management policies and practices in all school environments across the country.

Information & Support

Our Newly Diagnosed Centre, launched in 2013, reaches thousands of parents each month — helping them to navigate the new terrain of managing food allergy at home, school and elsewhere. Our programs for kids and teens continue to grow, and include innovative online mentoring, webinars, meetings, panels, multimedia and apps that speak to youth in their own language. Most recently, in the spring of 2015, we launched Allergy Allies –a youth mentorship program for young teens. Each year, we provide information and support to thousands of people through our programs, phone line and email and directing them to credible resources and connecting them with local community groups.


Food Allergy Canada has long been the premier food allergy education resource in Canada, and many outside of Canada also regard us as a leader in this area. We collaborate with experts in allergy and education to ensure that the information we provide is medically sound, up to date, and written and developed so that non-medical people can understand and access it easily. Our goal is to provide these resources in English and French for free so that many people will benefit. Thanks to the support of private donors, Ministries of Education, and our premier founding sponsor, TELUS, in 2014 we introduced AllergyAware, a free, bilingual online learning portal where people can access courses for educators (2014), the community (2015) and child care centre workers (2016).


Through directed donations, Food Allergy Canada supports leading-edge research into food allergies and the search for a cure. We also participate in research studies as co-investigators and review manuscripts.

Our Mission

To educate, support, and advocate for the needs of individuals and families living with food allergy and the risk of anaphylaxis, as well as to support and participate in research related to food allergy and anaphylaxis.

Scope of Service

Food Allergy Canada reaches millions of Canadians each year through its outreach and awareness initiatives. We deliver vital information, innovative programs, and important services directly to more than 500,000 individuals with food allergies per year. We are frequently called upon to speak to the media about food allergy and the importance of food allergy management. Our youth outreach program offers education, mentorship and honest discussion, spearheaded by our exemplary Youth Advisory Panel. We also offer online mentoring for kids. These services complement our broad range of educational and allergy management programs for parents, teachers, child care supervisors, restaurants, food service, and many others.

We also support leading-edge research by top allergy specialists working towards a cure.


Food Allergy Canada has staff in Toronto, ON, with volunteers across the country. Contact us.


Food Allergy Canada is a national registered charity. We are supported by individual and corporate donations, sponsorships, grants, and fees from training services. 

We couldn’t do all of this without the support of our members and partners.

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