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The Allergy-Friendly Food Drive Challenge: Helping families in need across Canada

July 16, 2016


Alex Tagliani, Food Allergy Canada volunteers and No. 18

Last Thursday, Food Allergy Canada hit the streets at Dundas Square in Toronto to join racecar driver Alex Tagliani for the launch of the Allergy-Friendly Food Drive Challenge.

Alex has teamed up with Food Allergy Canada, with the support of Pfizer Canada (Canadian distributor of EpiPen®) for Summer of TAG – to educate about food allergies across Canada. Throughout the summer, Alex will be educating about food allergies and collecting allergy-friendly food donations for food banks at selected races. There is also a contest for schools that will be happening in the Fall (info below).

We spent the day with Alex at Dundas Square, as fans came by with food donations, checked out the car, snapped selfies and talked with Alex about racing this summer and about managing food allergies. When one young fan told Alex he didn’t like to carry his EpiPen®, Alex took off his own carrying case and gave it to him, to encourage the boy – and everyone – to always carry.

Alex has had food allergies his whole life and has learned some key strategies to stay safe, like always reading food labels and carrying his EpiPen®. He does not let his food allergies stop him from achieving his dreams, and he travels with his family to competitions worldwide. Watch for Alex this summer, all across Canada.

Special thanks to Kelloggs Canada and Loblaw, who have provided generous food donations, and to Alex Tagliani and EpiPen Canada® for your support in this important community initiative.

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