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Resources for teachers

Learn how you can make your school more #AllergyAware. Check out and download our helpful resources for your students and school.

Preschool childs playing in classroom.Childcare

Discover the many ways your childcare centre can become allergy-aware. Learn how to develop an allergy management policy and more.

School children standing in a rowSchool (K to 12)

Learn how you can make your school more allergy-aware, and download free resources for the classroom, including posters, tip sheets and more.


Find tools to help your institution support students with food allergy.

Asian primary students girl with backpack and books wearing masks to prevent the outbreak of Covid 19 in classroom while back to school reopen their school, New normal for education concept.COVID-19 and food allergy

Learn about how COVID-19 safety measures, including face masks and hand sanitizers, may impact students with food allergy.

Flyer for Allergy AwareAllergyAware.ca course

Take our Anaphylaxis in Schools free online course. Learn the basics of food allergy and anaphylaxis, reducing risks, and responding in an emergency, with step-by-step instructions for the EpiPen and ALLERJECT devices.

Think FAST posterAllergic reactions Think FAST poster

Print a poster outlining the different signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, and post it in your classroom.

The 5 Emergency StepsThe 5 emergency steps

Download and print the 5 emergency steps for treating anaphylaxis.

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