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Tools and resources

Check out these resources:

back-to-school checklistNew! Back-to-school checklist

Use our checklist for parents and students to prepare for the new school year.

Close-up of Emergency document with pencilAnaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Make sure your child’s anaphylaxis emergency plan is up-to-date. Download a copy and share it with teachers and caregivers.

Portrait Of Male Student Working At Laptop In College LibraryAllergyAware.ca course

Learn the basics on anaphylaxis and its treatment from our “Anaphylaxis in the Community” free online course.

Planning for post-secondary with food allergyPlanning for post-secondary checklist

Check out our tips for managing food allergy on campus.

Think FAST posterAllergic reactions Think FAST poster

Print a poster outlining the different signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, and share it with your child’s teacher.

Treat ItThe 5 emergency steps

Download and print the 5 emergency steps for treating anaphylaxis.

Mother on laptop while dad and daughter having fun.Additional resources

Check out our other resources including topic sheets, fast facts, and educational videos!

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