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Download and share our tip/fact sheets, allergy-friendly recipes, videos, social icons, and more!

Allergy-friendly party tip sheet for hosts

Tip sheet for party hosts

If you’re planning on hosting a holiday party in your social bubble, check out our tip sheet on having fun and staying safe.

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Allergy-friendly recipes

Looking for an allergy-friendly recipe that will be safe for all? We got you covered! Plus check out our helpful kitchen tips to avoid cross-contamination.

Ways to drive allergy awareness over the holidays

Videos on how to celebrate safely

Check out our “Food Allergy Do’s & Don’ts” series for things to keep in mind while preparing for holiday celebrations.

Celebrate safely: Food allergies are serious business. Why not celebrate safely by offering non-food treats.
Cleaning your hands: Learn how to properly remove allergens from your hands.
Double dipping: Make sure you use different utensils when making food that may contain an allergen.
No picking: Don’t pick an allergen from food and serve it to someone with that food allergy.

Food allergy do’s and don’ts

Review our food allergy do’s and don’ts and get the facts on food allergy. Then share them with family and friends to make others allergy-aware during the holidays.

Food allergy do's and don'tsFood allergy do’s and don’ts

Be #allergyaware

Drive allergy awareness by sharing our food allergy facts sheet and courses with others.

Food allergy factsFood Allergy Facts sheet

Get the facts behind food allergy. Share with others to increase allergy awareness!

Flyer for Allergy AwareTake courses

Going to a holiday party? Tell your host to take our free online 30-minute course, “Anaphylaxis in the Community”, so they can better understand food allergy and prepare for an allergy-safe party. They’ll learn the basics of anaphylaxis, ways to reduce risk, and the recommended emergency treatment.

Videos on food allergy and education

Drive awareness by sharing these videos!

Watch and share our Faces of food allergy video, which shares what it’s like to live with this medical condition.
Share this 2-minute video with students, it provides a quick overview of anaphylaxis, including causes, symptoms, and treatment. 
With this video, learn how to Give epinephrine and Go call 911 when having anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.
With this short video, learn how to Give epinephrine and Go call 911 when having anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.

Find fun and informative videos on recipes, allergy-awareness, anaphylaxis and more!

Crafts and activities

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Use these craft ideas to create allergy awareness at different parties, or for fundraising. They also make great gifts for others. Be sure to make your crafts teal, the colour for food allergy awareness!

Social icons for sharing

Download and share these photos on social media. Let others know how you are making the holidays safe for those with food allergy.

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Food allergy doesn't take holidays
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