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Spread food allergy awareness while at home

You can spread allergy awareness in a number of ways throughout the month from your own home. Here’s a handful of suggestions.

Take action

Teal nail polish on finger nailPaint it teal

Paint one fingernail teal to show your support for food allergy awareness. It’s a great, simple way to start a conversation about food allergy and to create online awareness.

Post your pic, share it with us, and tag it using #allergyaware! Our friends from Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia started this campaign, so let’s make it global to show support for everyone with food allergy.

Allergy Aware flyerTake AllergyAware.ca courses

AllergyAware.ca’s free 30-minute course teaches you the basics of food allergy, the signs and symptoms of a reaction, and what steps to take if a reaction occurs.

Share the AllergyAware.ca course with your online community. Upon successfully finishing the course, you’ll get a Certificate of Completion.

Get your virtual classrooms to take the Allergy Awareness Challenge

The Allergy Awareness Challenge features two separate challenges – one for elementary schools and another for high school students.

The Challenge consists of free downloadable resources for educators, including lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, student worksheets, information sheets, posters, and more. It provides fun activities and engaging discussions to help students take food allergy seriously.

Young african-american woman using a smartphone with many social media heart like icons.Share on social: #FactsandHacks campaign

Spread food allergy awareness in your social community!

Find social media messages, download images, and get involved today with the campaign.

Plus there are more ideas for social messages to drive awareness in general – outside of the campaign!

Spread the word – resources and videos to share

Family Sitting On Sofa In Open Plan Lounge Using LaptopRecorded webinars

Watch our past webinars to hear from various experts on food allergy, including allergists, dietitians, researchers, and more!

Be sure to share these recordings with others who may benefit.

Learn more about food allergy

Watch and share our Faces of food allergy video, which shares what it’s like to live with this medical condition.

Share this 2-minute video with students, it provides a quick overview of anaphylaxis, including causes, symptoms, and treatment.
National Food Allergy Action Plan frameworkRead and share our National Food Allergy Action Plan

The mission of this plan is to help Canadians with food allergy live safely and confidently & advance prevention, diagnosis and treatment of food allergy.

Let others know how food allergy impacts you and share the action plan with them.

Smiling school students in uniform missing a tooth with a healthy sandwich for lunchDonate to Food Allergy Canada

Ensure our programs and advocacy can continue well into the future.

During this critical time, we need your support more than ever. Please donate.

All donations over $20 will get a tax receipt.

Danica and DelaneyHost an online fundraiser

You can start an online fundraiser to support food allergy awareness. Take inspiration from sisters Delaney and Danica who promoted Food Allergy Awareness Month by making bracelets.

Read their story and get inspired to start your own fundraiser, but virtually!

Share our food allergy do’s and dont’s videos, these are fun and quick videos that highlight easy ways for others to help.

Celebrate safely: Food allergies are serious business. Why not celebrate safely by offering non-food treats.
Cleaning your hands: Learn how to properly remove allergens from your hands.
Double dipping: Make sure you use different utensils when making food that may contain an allergen.
No picking: Don’t pick an allergen from food and serve it to someone with that food allergy.

View all our videos on our YouTube channel

Find fun and informative videos on recipes, allergy-awareness, anaphylaxis and more!

Light it up!

Monuments across Canada will light up teal in support of Food Allergy Awareness Month!

We’ll be adding more to the list, so stay tuned. If you live in one of these areas, please take photos, share them on social media using the tag #ShineATealLight and #AllergyAware, and share them with us too!

Thunder Bay City Hall, Thunder Bay, ONMay 1-31, 2020
Fitzsimmons Covered Bridge, Whistler, BCMay 1, 2020
Canada Place Sails of Light, Vancouver, BCMay 3, 2020
Calgary Tower, Calgary, ABMay 5, 2020
Fountain at the Forks, London, ONMay 8-10, 2020
London City Hall, London, ONMay 8-10, 2020
JA Taylor Building, London, ONMay 8-10, 2020
High Level Bridge, Edmonton, ONMay 10, 2020
Niagara Falls, ONMay 13, 2020
BC Place, Vancouver, BC May 14, 2020
Dome at Science World at Telus World of Science, Vancouver, BCMay 14, 2020
Welland Bridge 13, Welland, ONMay 15, 2020
Halifax City Hall, Halifax, NS May 19, 2020
CN Tower, Toronto, ONMay 21, 2020
Riverwalk Commons and the Fred A. Lundy Bridge, Newmarket, ONMay 27, 2020
3D Toronto Sign, Toronto, ONMay 29, 2020
Toronto City Hall Towers, Toronto, ONMay 29, 2020

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