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We are a nationally registered charity and depend on your donations to educate, support, and advocate for more than 2.6 million Canadians with food allergies.

If everyone reading this page donated $10 each, it would be transformative for the organization and for those living with food allergy. Please give.

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Your donations make a significant difference, with your support we can:

  • Advocate for greater access to epinephrine – This year, there has been ongoing uncertainty around EpiPen® supply. At different times, you may not have been able to secure a device, or get your full prescription filled. Help us ensure 2.6 million Canadians with food allergies always have a minimum of two suppliers for this life-saving medication. Your $25 donation will enable us to continue our advocacy efforts on this very important issue.
  • Educate others on the seriousness of food allergies – Only 45% of Canadians say they would know what to do if they saw someone having an allergic reaction. Help us raise public awareness of the seriousness of food allergy. Your $50 donation will help us to build an awareness campaign and educate others.
  • Advocate with government and industry to keep you safe – In the past 2 years, 13% of people with food allergies we surveyed had at least one severe allergic reaction at a restaurant and in 73% of these cases, the restaurant staff were informed of their allergy. A $75 donation will help us to continue our advocacy to ensure you can make informed decisions when eating out, this includes working with a key stakeholder group to help create change in the foodservice sector, creation of voluntary guidelines on food allergen management, and other resources and tools.
  • Support parents of children who are newly diagnosed with food allergies – Close to 500,000 children across Canada have food allergies. Help us teach and support these families when they receive this life-changing diagnosis. Your $25 donation can help provide parents with critical education and personalized support.
  • Keep youth safe – Teens and young adults are at a higher risk for a food-induced anaphylactic reaction. Help us educate kids with our online mentorship programs, a $50 donation will help us support one child. You can also help us reach Canadian universities/colleges to provide them a new reference guide on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis on campus. This initiative supports approximately 150,000 youth with food allergy in post-secondary. A $100 donation helps us to reach one university.
  • Provide you with the resources you need – We have medically reviewed and content rich resources to help you navigate the world of food allergy and to live more confidently. Help us to continue providing these free resources to 2.6 million Canadians impacted by food allergy. A $50 donation helps us to sustain these programs.

Donate now 

You can also call us at 1 866 785-5660 to make your donation over the phone. You will receive a tax receipt for donations of $20 and above.

CRA Charity Registration Number: 88720 8676 RR0001