Download now: Kung Food app for youth and teens

Download now: Kung Food app for youth and teens

The Children’s Allergy & Asthma Education Centre (CAAEC) from Manitoba recently launched a new app called “Kung Food” for youth and teens with food allergies.

Aimed to improve knowledge and skills for youth living with food allergies, Kung Food features allergy trivia, allergy simulations, and personalized allergy alerts that can be texted to friends and family.

Kung Food includes the following elements:

  • Food Allergy I.Q. tests
  • Winning a black belt in the dojo by correctly answering questions
  • Ability to send customized allergy alerts to family and friends, which contains information about the youth’s food allergies
  • Topics on school, bullying, restaurants, travel, friends, partying, dating, stress and frustration
  • A link to Food Allergy Canada’s Ultimate Food Allergy Guide for Teens

Download Kung Food for free from the App store and Google Play store.

The Kung Food App was developed as a collaboration between the CAAEC team with input from teens with food allergy and Food Allergy Canada and their Youth Advisory Panel. Funding for this app was provided by AllerGen-Allergy Genes and the Environment Network. CAAEC wishes to thank the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba for funding for development of a food allergy education program and multimedia initiatives that led to development of this app by Tactica Interactive.