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Get involved – August 2018

August 10, 2018

Participate in our many webinars offered this month! Plus, read about Allison and the journey that led her to start a support group in Regina. Be sure to check out a support group in your area. Get the details on Asthma Canada’s webinar “Asthma in Children: Management and Support” happening later this month.

Support groups

Support groups provide a warm, caring environment for you to share your concerns. You’ll get help in dealing with the day-to-day stress of being at risk for anaphylaxis, or having a child who is at risk.

Check out our support group page to connect with a support group in your area. If there isn’t one in your community, we’ll help you get one started!

Plus, read about Allison Kapp, our support group leader from Regina about her journey with food allergy and what led her to open up a support group in Regina.

Upcoming webinars

  • Allergy Pals Monthly webinar: Managing food allergies in school – August 26, 2018

Have your 7 to 11-year-old kids participate in these webinars that cover key information about managing their food allergies. Each webinar is led by a trained peer mentor with food allergies and there will also be plenty of interactive games and activities that will have your child glued to the presentation!

Register your child for the back-to-school webinar where they will learn how to manage their food allergies in school settings.

Check out one of our previous webinars to see just how interactive and educational these webinars are:

  • Webinars on the foundation in food allergy

Carla, community advocate and parent mentor

Attend one of our free webinars that provides fundamental information for managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. This session is primarily geared towards parents of children who have been recently diagnosed with a food allergy. It’s also a great session for others who are interested in this topic, or would like a refresher.

What you’ll takeaway:

  • What is food allergy and anaphylaxis
  • How to avoid a reaction
  • What are the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • What to do in an emergency

There will also be time for questions afterwards.

Two formats are offered, click on the links below to learn more and register:

If you have already attended one of these webinars, please help us spread the word so others can also benefit. Please share!

Asthma Canada webinar: Asthma in Children – August 22, 2018

On Wednesday, August 22 at 1:00 pm EST, Asthma Canada will be hosting a webinar with a Registered Respiratory Therapist/Certified Asthma Educator on Asthma in Children: Management and Support.

The September back-to-school period brings a dramatic increase in hospitalizations for children living with asthma. Kids returning to school in September face increased exposure to viral infections and other asthma triggers such as dust mites and moulds. However, with correct management, most asthma-related hospitalizations can be prevented.

This webinar includes a Q&A session, giving you the opportunity to ask an experienced Certified Asthma Educator, from one of the top children’s hospitals in Canada, for tips on how to prevent asthma exacerbations. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Respiratory Therapist, Susan Balkovec speak about asthma management in children.

What you’ll takeaway:

  • What happens when your child is diagnosed with asthma?
  • What are some best practices for managing your child’s asthma?
  • What support does a child living with asthma need in their daily life?
  • What support does a child living with asthma need in school or at the playground?

Register today!

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