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Halloween Ideas: Alternatives to handing out candy

October 10, 2016

teal-pumpkin-760x500Allison Venditti’s two boys are all geared up to spend Halloween night as a Ninja Turtle and Batman. Allison is ready too, to help kids with food allergies by providing non-food options to trick-or-treaters who come to her door.

“We heard about it from a friend last year and thought it was a great idea,” says Allison. “Halloween should be fun for all kids and we are happy to help make that happen.”

Having two young children, one with multiple food allergies, means that a lot of thought goes into Halloween at Allison’s house. It involves educating her children about food allergies along the way, while maintaining the fun spirit of the night.

Allison involves her kids by painting a teal pumpkin during their pumpkin carving, decorating the house together and having the boys pick out the non-food treats to be handed out at the door.

“We got stickers, small toys, bouncy balls, cars,” says Allison. “My sons picked them out – so we have something for everyone!”

Here are some more great ideas for food-free options to hand out this year:
Temporary tattoos
Toy cars
Trading cards
Glow sticks
Bracelets and armbands
Lego, Minion and Minecraft figures
Barettes, combs and hair accessories

This Halloween, remember these key guidelines:

  • Carry your autoinjectors
  • Carry a charged cell phone and flashlight
  • Make sure your child knows not to open any candy until he or she is home

Please also let your child know that they won’t be in “trouble” if there is an accident, and that they should let you and others know if they are feeling unwell or are concerned they may be having a reaction.

From all of us at Food Allergy Canada, Happy Halloween!!


*photo courtesy of Hypefoodie.com

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