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March Break

March 12, 2012

Hello everybody! My name is Karen, and I am allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and soy protein.

March Break is here – and if you’re like me, we’re unfortunately staying home for the holidays. It just so happens that we won’t be lying in the sun or hitting the slopes. But there are still fun and new things that you can do in your hometown, while staying allergen free!

This week, a few of my friends and I have planned events that will take us through the week in no time. Maybe you’d like to try them out too. We’ll be going bowling, eating out, cooking dinner, and visiting my sister at university. There will be a few times where I’ll need to take extra precautions, but if I’m prepared everything should go just fine.

Cooking with allergies

What’s your favourite allergy-safe recipe?

One night, we’re going to cook dinner together out of a new recipe book. It is always fun to try new recipes, especially because you are the chef and can make sure that you’re staying safe. Because I’m cooking with my friends, we picked the recipes together to ensure that I will be able to eat everything that we are making. We’re planning to go to the grocery store together, and I’ll be checking all the ingredient lists, just to be safe. One of my biggest challenges, though, is that we won’t be cooking in my kitchen. I’ve asked my friend to make sure that all the dishes and utensils will be safe for the night a few days in advance so that there won’t be any cross-contamination.

We’re also planning to try a new restaurant. Sometimes this can be a little risky – but as long as I call ahead and let them know of my allergy, things will hopefully go well and they will be able to accommodate me. I take many of the same steps as Noah does (check out his previous entry), and so far I’ve had great experiences!

Teens eating outsideThe most exciting part of our week, however, is when we go to visit my sister in university. We’ll be staying at her house with her roommates. I have never met any of them, and I’m sure none of them know about my allergy. I have already asked my sister to ensure that the kitchen is allergen-free, since that will be a common area for everyone, and to let them know about my allergy. I have already looked into potential restaurants that we could be eating at, looked into their menu, and called to make sure that their meals will be safe for me. Of course, when we make a final decision, I’ll call again and let them know about my allergy and double-check that everything will be okay.

Even though I won’t be going very far this March Break, I still want to have some fun! As long as I take those extra steps and bring my auto-injector, I’ve done what I can to be prepared.

What will you be doing this March Break? And how are you keeping safe?

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