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Pryde Family Travel Grant

Deadline for submissions is March 22, 2019

The Pryde Family Travel Grant is open to graduate students, medical students, and health care professionals with an interest in food allergy/anaphylaxis. Two travel grants valued at $500 each will be awarded for attendance at an academic program or event related to food allergies. Recipients are selected by lottery.

Pryde Family Travel Grant Application Form

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The Robyn Allen Leadership Award

Deadline for submissions is April 26, 2019
Robyn Allen

The Robyn Allen Leadership Award is given annually to an individual who has made a unique contribution to the lives of Canadians living with severe allergies through their efforts in education, advocacy, community building, leadership, or fundraising. The award is in memory of Robyn Allen, a beautiful young girl who passed away from an allergic reaction. Although a food allergy to peanuts triggered the response, it was lack of awareness that led to her death.

Robyn Allen Leadership Award application form

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The Allan Reynolds Volunteer of the Year Award

Allan Reynolds

This award is dedicated to Allan Reynolds, a long-time, inspiring volunteer and friend who passed away suddenly in January 2013. During his time with Food Allergy Canada, Allan helped us improve public understanding about food allergies and get Sabrina’s Law passed to protect students at risk of anaphylaxis. The award recognizes special individuals for their extraordinary contribution and leadership.

Award Description

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The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

Deadline for submissions is June 14, 2019
Sabrina Shannon

The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award is dedicated to the life of Sabrina Shannon, an inspiring teenager who suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction in 2003. In 2005, Sabrina’s Law was passed in Ontario, providing landmark legislation that has influenced policy across Canada and the United States. The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award, made possible through an educational grant from TD Securities, provides two awards of $1,000 to students entering their first year or continuing their studies at a post-secondary institution.

2019 Award Application Form

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