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Shining a teal light to drive food allergy awareness for Halloween: new campaign

October 3, 2018

Check out our new, national Halloween campaign called “Shine a light”. Our campaign is meant to increase food allergy awareness and spark conversations on how everyone can support kids with food allergies for Halloween. Our objective is to build broader-based understanding of food allergies and to let the general public know how they can support kids and make Halloween an inclusive and safe holiday for those with food allergies.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to four companies who have graciously donated their services in order to give us a platform to drive our message. We would not be able to have a national advertising campaign reaching millions of Canadians without them.

Thank you to:

  • MediaCity for donating a large amount of outdoor billboard space in Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba
  • Adapt Media for donating a significant amount of national retail space where our ads will appear in independent convenience stores and small grocery and retail stores within city centres, busy intersections, and condo development areas
  • Captivate Network for donating an extensive network of office lobby and elevator advertising across Canada
  • PUBLIC Inc’s creative force, time, and energy in donating their services to create our advertising and bringing the “Shine a light” concept to life

#ShineATealLight campaign

Our campaign features a multitude of ways to support kids with food allergies and drive awareness. 

1. Watch for our ads across Canada that show the concept of using teal lights to make Halloween less scary for kids with food allergies. Below you will find our digital ads and various other formats.

2. Join the teal light movement and support us at 

Halloween is supposed to be a fun and joyful holiday. But for kids with food allergies, it can be a scary time of year – and not because of ghosts and goblins.

Food allergies can make treats tricky to navigate. Potential risk of a reaction means that many kids are left out of one of the year’s most exciting holidays. So how can we take the fright out of food allergies, and make Halloween a safer, more inclusive holiday for everyone?

By shining a teal light on the issue! Teal has become the recognized colour for food allergies. That’s why we’re proposing a bright idea: to show your neighbourhood that you have allergy-friendly treats and toys on Halloween for kids by replacing your porch light with a teal bulb, or by displaying other sources of teal light on your front porch. Shining a teal light helps to create food allergy awareness and sparks conversations on how to support kids with food allergies.

We would love to be able to provide everyone with access to teal lightbulbs. The challenge is, they aren’t readily available, so we need your help to get them made. Check out our page to find out how you can join the movement.

3. Support food allergy awareness by purchasing our teal glow-in-the-dark Shine a light bracelets

Perfect for kids and adults to wear during Halloween to spark the conversation of food allergy with neighbours and friends. Plus, by wearing this teal bracelet you are  shining a light on your support of food allergy education and awareness.

Buy your “Shine a light” bracelet today


4. Take advantage of our free resources and learn how you can Shine a light this year

Christian and Adriana Di Criscio from Montreal create teal lantern crafts for Halloween.

Check out our Halloween section to take advantage of free resources you can use, like posters and social icons.

Plus, discover the DIY crafts on ways you can make teal paper lanterns that can go over your front porch light and more!


5. Discover which monuments are lighting up across Canada to support this initiative!

Dome at Science World at Telus World of Science in Vancouver, BC

Take photos of the teal monuments and share them with us on social media. Be sure to tag #ShineATealLight!



Join the Shine a light movement and help create momentum around food allergy awareness! Together, we can make Halloween less scary and more supportive for all kids.

Share with us the creative ways you are shining a light this year. Tag us on social media, using #ShineATealLight and be sure to share with your friends and family!


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