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Staying Safe at Easter with Allergies

March 29, 2013

Easter is quickly approaching and that does not mean that you have to avoid all Easter candies and not participate in traditional Easter activities! There is always a way to make some accommodations so you can enjoy your holidays with family and friends. Here are my tips on how you can make sure your allergies don’t hold you back.

What to put in your Easter basket!

Like most holidays, Easter involves Candy… but don’t worry there is all kinds of allergen free treats to add to your Easter basket. Here are some suggestions:

  • Some brands of mini-eggs are nut-free.
  • Some marshmallow chicks are free of many common allergens.
  • Homemade Easter goodies are a great idea (Check-out Hannah’s blog post for some delicious Easter recipes!)
  • There are a variety of allergen free chocolate Easter bunnies on the market, so take a long hard look at their labels.
  • You can also take plastic Easter eggs and fill them with little gifts like hair accessories, coins, gift cards etc.

*Always remember to read labels and confirm with companies.

Easter Egg Hunt Tips

No matter how old you are, an Easter egg hunt is always fun! Large community egg hunts can be scary with allergies so I recommend planning your own. Invite some friends and family over and hide allergen free treats and small gifts. By planning the event you will ensure that you are as safe as possible and everyone is sure to have fun!

Still love to decorate eggs?

Are you allergic to eggs but still love to decorate Easter eggs? Look no further, we have a solution! You can always decorate plastic, wood, Styrofoam or ceramic eggs!!! Get as creative as possible; add some stickers, paint, ribbon and gems. Your Easter eggs are sure to look great and no one will know the difference.

I hope these tips help you enjoy an allergen free Easter weekend! Always remember that holidays are about spending time with family and friends. If you’re not interested in egg hunts or candy, get outside and enjoy the spring weather! Go for a walk, ride your bike and enjoy yourself. Have a great weekend!

Comment if you have any Easter tips for living with allergies!


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