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Ways to give: Giving back one pouch at a time

October 8, 2021

Christine and Mia

Christine and Mia are two food allergy moms who are looking to make an impact in the world of food allergy. This fall, they launched their newest initiative, Epicute, where individuals with food allergy can order handcrafted pouches to carry auto-injectors that are comfortable for everyday wear while also giving back at the same time.

We connected with the co-founders to learn more about the inspiration behind their initiative, how they are giving back to the food allergy community, and how rewarding it is to make a difference. Read our interview with Christine and Mia below!

Can you tell us a little bit about Epicute and yourselves? How did your company come to be and what was your inspiration to create pouches for epinephrine auto-injectors?

Auto-injector pouches

Epicute is a small Canadian company that handcrafts allergy accessories, with high-quality materials in whimsical prints and a range of comfortable styles. We (Christine and Mia) are the women and mothers behind Epicute. 

Mia: My daughter, Esmée, is allergic to kiwi, cashew, pistachio, fish, milk, and sesame. When she started JK last year, I’d been looking for a EpiPen® carrier that would be comfortable enough for her to wear all day long, wouldn’t interfere with everyday activities, and would be eye-catching enough that she’d gladly put it on. I couldn’t find such a carrier, so I ended up making one myself. 

Christine: I was extremely impressed with the pouch Mia had made. We both realized that there was a gap in the market and that other people would also benefit from the slender design, body hugging fit and attractive prints we could offer. Our friends who have children with food allergy agreed that we were onto something, and all requested a pouch for themselves. 

Through insight from Food Allergy Canada and our group of product testers on what patients may be looking for, we have developed a product line that can accommodate all 3 epinephrine auto-injectors available in Canada (EpiPen®, ALLERJECT®, Emerade™), in sizes ranging from toddler to adult, with a variety of wearing options, and addresses the needs of most people living with food allergy, including an insulated model. The feedback from customers so far has been very positive.

How is Epicute giving back to the food allergy community?

Epicute believes firmly in Food Allergy Canada’s mission to help Canadians with food allergy live with confidence. We hope that our products can help people achieve that. To show our support, a donation of $1 will be made to Food Allergy Canada with every pouch sold nationally. 

Auto-injector pouches

What tips would you give to other organizations who want to give back? How rewarding is it to give back and make an impact?

It is really important to us to give back to the community and to help make a difference in people’s lives. Supporting Food Allergy Canada was a natural fit for us. We think it is important for businesses and companies to align with organizations that do impactful work in communities that they have a connection to, and that relates back to their purpose and values. 

This month, our organization is running our Shine a Teal Light campaign to raise awareness for children with food allergy on Halloween. How are you planning to Shine a Teal Light on Halloween?

We plan on sharing Food Allergy Canada’s social media posts reminding our followers to have non-food treats available and to proudly shine a teal light. We are also going to be featuring a special edition teal pouch on our site – stay tuned for that!

Thank you, Christine and Mia, for supporting our cause! You can learn more about Epicute and purchase their products at epicute.ca. Plus, get 10% off your next purchase with promo code “FAC10”.

Learn how you can make a difference through giving. Visit our donation page and fundraising page for ideas and give back today. 

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