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Ways to give – January 2019

January 11, 2019

Our 2019 new year’s resolution: help us meet our goals.

Thank you for your incredible support last year. It’s because of you, we’re able to continuously help Canadians with food allergies live confidently.

This year, our focus will be on continuing to make a real impact and improve the daily quality of life for this community. Our actions include:

Advocacy for access to epinephrine

We are invested in our advocacy efforts to ensure you always have access to epinephrine. We will continue advocating with Health Canada and other key stakeholders, help to encourage other pharmaceuticals to enter this space, educate and inform you and others on how to access these devices, and engage with allergists and other healthcare professionals.

Increasing allergy awareness on campus

We will continue our efforts to ensure as many campuses as possible across the country are allergy-aware and can better support their students with food allergies – allergy-aware campuses can help youth transition to post-secondary school more confidently and help them to develop their self-management skills.

Foodservice advocacy

Our foodservice advocacy will continue to ensure you can eat out safely by being informed of what’s in your food. This includes working with key stakeholder groups to help create change in the foodservice sector, creation of voluntary guidelines on food allergen management, and other resources and tools.

Healthcare professional outreach

Many of you may only have an opportunity to see your allergist once a year. For those who are newly diagnosed, they may have to wait months up to years before seeing an allergist. This means, ensuring other healthcare professionals are educated about food allergies and how to support your needs is crucial.

We are continuing our outreach efforts with healthcare professionals (like Emergency Department physicians and nurses, Pediatricians, and Family Physicians) to ensure all Canadians with food allergies receive the support they need to live confidently with this medical condition.

 Keeping you educated and informed

We will continue providing educational programming to support families, including informative webinars, digital resources (like information sheets and guidebooks), and other tools to ensure you and all families can live confidently with this condition.

Educating youth

Our focus on our youth educational programming will be on empowering kids and teens so they can learn to confidently self-manage. We will also be investing energy on increasing awareness and empathy among the kids not impacted by food allergies to help combat bullying and to ultimately improve the quality of life for kids with food allergies.

In order to reach our goals, we depend on your donations. Any donations over $20 will automatically get a tax receipt.

Donate today

Consider becoming a monthly donor!

Make an ongoing impact on all of our initiatives by becoming a monthly donor. For $25/month, which is less than $0.85 per day, your support will help to ensure we can advocate strongly across many different platforms on your behalf, provide education to the community, public, industry, and government on the seriousness of food allergies, and offer free personalized support to you and others when you need it.

Your monthly donations will make a significant impact in all areas of our work. Become a monthly donor today. Simply select “Monthly Gift” on the online donation form or call us at 1 866 785-5660.