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Allergen labelling for beer: Open consultation until August 15

July 21, 2017

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is requesting public input by August 15 on the proposed changes they want to make to the Food and Drug Regulations so beer compositional standards can be updated.

One of the considerations with this consultation is to review allergen, gluten, and sulphite labelling on standardized beer. Currently, standardized beer is exempt from this labelling, however, with this consultation, you can help to change that. This is the opportunity to have your say.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Get informed: Click here for details on the consultation request from the CFIA. The “allergen, gluten, and sulphite labelling” is under the additional considerations section. You can also read our submission to the CFIA, where we recommend listing priority allergens, and enhancing consumer and industry education.
  • Provide your feedback: Be sure to email the CFIA at labelling_consultation_etiquetage@inspection.gc.ca by August 15, 2017, which is the deadline for feedback. Let them know that standardized beer should no longer be exempt from allergen labelling and that beer manufacturers need to list all applicable priority allergen information if they are now changing what’s in standardized beer. All Canadians should have access to clear allergen labelling so they can make informed, safe decisions when purchasing food and beverages.
  • Share, share, and share: Share this with others and encourage as many people as possible to contact the CFIA to make our collective voice heard.

We will continue to advocate on your behalf on this important safety issue and will keep you informed on the developments. Thank you for your support, together we can make change happen!

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