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Participate in research

Check out the open calls for participation for various research studies.

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Food allergy affects over 3 million Canadians, including almost 500,000 children. Researchers are committed to better understanding how to prevent, diagnose, treat, and eventually, cure this medical condition. Learn how you can participate in research studies.  

Participate in research

Research: For parents – participate in a study on introducing baked milk and/or egg  

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An international study is looking at baked milk and/or egg consumption by children after the successful completion of an oral food challenge. This important study aims to understand the introduction of baked milk and/or egg into the diet, including in what form, quantity and frequency, and the educational needs to support continued feeding at home.

Take the survey 

  • To participate, your child must have a diagnosed milk and/or egg allergy and have successfully completed a baked challenge.  
  • It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete each survey and all responses will remain anonymous   
  • Access the survey: https://redcap.link/bakedfoods

Why your participation matters 

Your participation is vital to providing the researchers, and patient organizations like ours, with insight on the general comfort with baked foods and barriers to feeding baked egg and milk at home after a successful challenge.  

The results of this survey will help to ensure we create meaningful tools and resources to help support families in keeping baked egg/milk in the diet, which ultimately can lead to a faster resolution of egg and milk allergies in children. 

Visit ClinicalTrials.gov to see other open calls for participation in various food allergy research being conducted across Canada.

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