Meet with your MP in person

Having MPs hear directly from people impacted by food allergy is very powerful and can influence change. Make your voice heard and #MakeFoodAllergyCount.

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Follow these tips on engaging with your MP

  • Share your story with them about how food allergy impacts you, your family, and the community around you, like schools, work, friends.
  • Ask if they have a personal connection to food allergy.
  • Educate them and share our one-page food allergy facts sheet, or direct them to to learn more.
  • Let them know that food allergy has been overlooked as a serious medical condition for too long and it’s time that the federal government gave this medical condition the attention it deserves.
  • Ask them to support the 2021 budget submission.
  • Tell them about the National Food Allergy Action Plan, that was launched by Food Allergy Canada and the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI). The Plan outlines a comprehensive approach to reducing the impact of food allergy and improving the quality of life for the more than 3 million Canadians, including yourself, living with this medical condition.
  • If an MP wants to speak with you further about the 2021 budget submission or the National Food Allergy Action Plan, we would be happy to join you in a call. Let us know at
  • Download the email/letter template below that you can personalize.


For any questions you may have on the National Food Allergy Action Plan, contact us at, or call 1 866 785-5660.