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We have information for you, and we can help you better support your patients with food allergies. Share our medically-reviewed and scientifically-based educational materials with patients, plus have them benefit from our support services.

Mother and daughter talking with healthcare professional

We have information for you, and we can help you better support your patients with food allergy. Just tell patients about us, and we’ll take it from there.

As the leading national patient organization for Canadians with food allergy, we provide your patients with food allergy with the support, education, and resources they need so they can manage their food allergies more confidently. Let your patients know that we are here to help them through their journey!

Our educational materials are medically-reviewed and scientifically-based and we are kept updated on emerging research through our Healthcare Advisory Board. Click on the images below to download resources today!

You can also order some of the resources to have in your office, just give us a call at 1 866 785-5666 or email us at info@foodallergycanada.ca to learn more.

Epinephrine: Life-saving medication for severe allergic reactions patient sheetInformation sheets

Download topic sheets to give to your patients. Topics include food allergy and anaphylaxis, stress and anxiety, epinepherine, diagnosis, daily management, and myths and facts.

Facts about food allergyFacts about food allergy for physicians

Download 7 key facts, from early introduction of allergenic foods to treatment with epinephrine.

The Science of Food AllergyWebinars

Watch our recorded webinars where various topics are covered by allergists and other experts, including the science of food allergy, early introduction of peanut to babies, and more!

Asian baby boy eating blend food on a high chairEarly introduction of allergens

Recommendations for the introduction of common allergens to infants has changed over the last few years as research has emerged on ways to help prevent the development of food allergies in babies.


Use this tool to understand whether specific symptoms may be caused for a food allergy and if advice from an allergist is recommended.

Nurse talking to mother and daughterAdditional resources

Provide your patients with more tools and educational resources so they can manage food allergies more confidently. You’ll find resources for youth, parents, and adults.