Join us and help transform the lives of Canadians with food allergy. Your donations will make a significant impact in advocating for change, educating others, and offering support.

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We are a nationally registered charity that depends on your donations to educate, support, and advocate for the more than 3 million Canadians with food allergy. If everyone reading this page donated just $10 each, it would transform the organization and the lives of those with food allergy. Please give.

Support us during this time

Help Canadian Charities Survive the COVID crisis

We are reliant on your generous contributions to be able to continue our sustainable educational programming, advocate for change, and provide life-changing support. 

Unfortunately, with this current crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, funding has become unstable for the coming years, making your support even more critical at this time. Without support, key programs, and our advocacy efforts will be impacted, including:

  • Having an integrated school curriculum program to educate the next generation of children, while promoting inclusivity and empathy towards this medical condition. 
  • Important work on the psychosocial impacts of this condition, including how to manage food allergy anxiety, reduce bullying (currently, 1-in-3 kids with food allergy report being bullied because of their food allergy), and how to live more confidently. 
  • The newly diagnosed program so parents get the support and education they need right from the beginning when their children receive this life-changing diagnosis. More than 500,000 Canadian children have food allergy, this transformational program teaches and supports these families at a critical point in their journey. This program also supports adults who have been newly diagnosed with food allergy. They will learn how to manage this new medical condition and ways to confidently adapt their lives.
  • Global food safety advocacy by advocating for accurate ingredient disclosure through improved food allergen labelling and influencing change in foodservice operations. Everyone has a right to know what’s in their food, but for those with food allergy it’s a necessity to staying safe.

Help us ensure we can continue doing this important work now and well into the future. Please donate now.

CRA Charity Registration Number: 88720 8676 RR0001

Support the next steps in creating a better #FoodAllergyFuture through the National Food Allergy Action Plan

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Click to read the plan

Develop supports to help with anxiety and bullying, and other psychosocial impacts of food allergy

  • Food allergy is associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression, almost 50% of respondents from a patient survey described their anxiety level as 8 out of 10 or higher. 1-in-3 children with food allergy report being bullied, specifically because of their food allergy. Your $25 donation will help us develop supports for kids and adults dealing with anxiety and bullying.

Improve access to accurate ingredient information wherever food is available

  • More accurate ingredient information, particularly outside pre-packaged foods, and within the foodservice industry is critical in helping Canadians navigate safe food choices. A $75 donation will help us to continue our advocacy to ensure you can make informed decisions when eating, including working with key stakeholder groups nationally and internationally to help create change with “may contain” labelling, working with the foodservice sector on creation of voluntary guidelines on food allergen management, and other resources and tools.

Help others prevent food allergy from developing in their kids through early introduction of allergen guidance

  • Research demonstrates that food allergy can be prevented in some children through the introduction of allergenic foods in infancy. This strongly contradicts past healthcare guidance to delay the introduction of these foods. Expectant parents must receive consistent, evidence-based, and easy to understand advice and support on food allergy prevention. Your $50 donation helps to ensure parents and healthcare professionals have the support and information they need.

Additional ways your donations will make a significant difference:

Smiling Girl Missing a Tooth With a Healthy LunchEducate others on the seriousness of food allergy

Only 45% of Canadians say they would know what to do if they saw someone having an allergic reaction. There is a lack of understanding as to the seriousness of this medical condition, and there is confusion between food intolerance and food allergy. Your $50 donation will help us to build awareness campaigns and educate others.

Young Asian family at home.Support parents of children who are newly diagnosed with food allergy

Close to 500,000 children across Canada have food allergies. Help us teach and support these families when they receive this life-changing diagnosis. Your $30 donation can help provide parents with critical education and personalized support.

high school students giving thumbs upKeep youth safe

Teens and young adults are at a higher risk for a food-induced anaphylactic reaction. Help us educate kids with our online mentorship programs, a $50 donation will help us support one child. You can also help us reach Canadian universities/colleges to provide them a reference guide on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis on campus. This initiative supports approximately 150,000 youth with food allergy in post-secondary. A $100 donation helps us to reach one university.

Parents looking daughter exercise bookProvide you with the resources you need

We have medically reviewed and content rich resources to help you navigate the world of food allergy and to live more confidently. Help us to continue providing these free resources to 3 million Canadians impacted by food allergy. A $50 donation helps us to sustain these programs.

You can also call us at 1 866 785-5660 to make your donation over the phone. You will receive a tax receipt for donations of $20 and above.

Consider becoming a monthly donor

Make an ongoing impact on all of our initiatives by becoming a monthly donor. For $25/month, which is less than $0.85 per day, your support will help to ensure we can advocate strongly across many different platforms on your behalf, provide education to the community, public, industry, and government on the seriousness of food allergy, and offer free personalized support to you and others when you need it.

Your monthly donations will make a significant impact in all areas of our work. Become a monthly donor today. Simply select “Monthly Gift” on the online donation form or call us at 1 866 785-5660.

Additional ways of giving

Consider the different ways that you can also support Food Allergy Canada such as:

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Update your will to add Food Allergy Canada as a beneficiary. Plan today to continue making a big difference.

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Have your organization add Food Allergy Canada as a charity of choice in your employee giving program.

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Celebrate your birthday, or any special occasion through EchoAge, or directly with us.

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Discover the ways your organization can support Food Allergy Canada.

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Donate your used car through Donate A Car Canada.

Your donations make a HUGE difference.

CRA Charity Registration Number: 88720 8676 RR0001