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That’s it. is bringing more allergy-friendly snack options to Canadians with food allergy

December 4, 2020

That’s it. created their original Fruit Bar product in 2012, after their Founder and CEO Dr. Lior Lewensztain became passionate about harnessing nutrition while attending medical school.

Dr. Lior Lewensztain

We recently spoke with Dr. Lior Lewensztain from That’s it. to learn more about how their allergy-friendly products came to be, their commitment to having a facility free from Canada’s priority allergens, and their Canadian launch.

“I was in medical school when I learned that only one-third of Americans consume the fruit that they need in their daily diet. I was shocked. At that point, I became hyper-focused on finding a way to bring better nutrition to the masses and realized that the best way to do so might not be through traditional medicine. Instead, I started focusing on creating simple, nutrient-packed snacking options that would make it easy and convenient for people to leverage the power of plant-based foods.”

Variety of 4 That's it bars

Fast forward several years to present day and to the Canadian launch of That’s it.’s most popular fruit bars and dark chocolate truffles. Lewensztain is excited about the launch and shared, “We believe that these celebrated products will provide Canadians with a great introduction to our brand as we look to continue expanding our line as we move into 2021.”

That’s it. recognizes the importance for the food allergy community to be able to trust a brand and their products. “All our products are created in a facility that is completely free from all Canada’s top allergens. This is something that we’re adamant about maintaining,” said Lewensztain. “Keeping all priority allergens completely out of the facility is an essential element of ensuring our community that they can trust That’s it. products. “

Lewensztain explained that their mission is simple. “We want to help people consume the nutrients that they need to live happier, healthier lives. We believe that eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated – which is why our portfolio of snacks are all made with five ingredients or less. We wanted to take the secrets and stress out of snacking, and I’m really happy with the progress that we’ve made in doing so.”

All the products are free from the top allergens, making them a potential option for those with multiple food allergies. “We like to keep things simple, so our products are made with incredibly limited ingredients – none of which are considered priority allergens in Canada,“ Lewensztain said.

With more and more people impacted by food allergy globally, Lewensztain and team have noticed a shift and increase in the demand for allergy-friendly products. “One interesting way we’ve seen this play out is not just through consumers; we’re seeing it from retailer buyers as well. I think the fact that buyers are starting to recognize and call out the increase in demand for allergy-friendly products means that this community is taking impactful steps towards an increase in awareness and the creation and availability of more products.”

That's it mango bar

The food allergy community’s reaction to the launch so far has been welcoming and appreciative. Lewensztain explained, “We hear from the food allergy community regularly via social media and customer emails, and one consistent piece of feedback we receive is that our products create inclusivity during snacking and mealtime. They can stock the house with That’s it. products as options that can be shared with others.”

If Lewensztain had to pick one favourite product of his, he would choose their Mango Fruit Bar. “Mango is my favorite fruit – and these bars include a whole mango each.”

You can find That’s it. Fruit Bars at major retailers across Canada including select Loblaws, London Drugs, Longos, Fortinos, Wholefoods, and at many local natural stores. Their products can also be found online at Well.ca, GroceryGateway.com, Amazon.ca and www.ca.Thatsitfruit.com.

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