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Mythbuster – If someone has a peanut allergy, should they avoid all legumes?

July 29, 2020

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FACT: Peanuts grow underground and are part of the legume family, which includes green beans, peas, and lentils. However, the majority of individuals allergic to peanut are able to eat other legumes.

In the past, it was thought most people allergic to peanut were also allergic to other legumes, but this is not the case. Lupin, another legume, is an emerging allergen, especially for people with peanut allergy. If you have to avoid peanut, it is important that you talk to your allergist about the safety of eating other legumes, which are not part of your regular diet.

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Lupin is an emerging allergy, especially for peanut-allergic individuals.

Learn more about lupin, who is at risk of lupin allergy, and how lupin and peanut allergy are connected.


Priority allergens

Learn more about priority food allergens like peanut, including information on how to avoid the allergens, possible sources and non-food sources of the allergens, and how to report a reaction.

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Webinar: Food allergy myths

Watch our recorded webinar with Dr. Susan Waserman, to find out more facts behind common food allergy myths on food allergens, signs and symptoms, reactions and more.

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Content is based on information included in our food allergy myths webinar by Dr. Susan Waserman, MSc, MD, FRCPC.