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Mythbuster – If someone has a tree nut allergy, should they avoid peanuts?

May 26, 2020

FACT: Tree nuts such as almonds and cashews grow on trees but having a tree nut allergy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re also allergic to peanut. Peanuts grow underground, are from the legume family, and are not related to tree nuts. Also, an allergy to one tree nut doesn’t mean you’re allergic to all tree nuts.

Talk to your allergist before eating tree nuts that are not part of your regular diet. Skin and blood testing as well as oral food challenges can help define those tree nuts that are safe for you to eat.

Learn more about priority food allergens like tree nut and peanut, including information on how to avoid the allergens, what the common names are, how they are labelled on food products, examples of where the allergen is found, possible sources of the allergen, and how to report a reaction.

Plus, watch our Food allergy myths recorded webinar with Dr. Susan Waserman, to find out more facts behind common food allergy myths on food allergens, signs and symptoms, reactions, and more.

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Content is based on information included in our Food allergy myths webinar by Dr. Susan Waserman, MSc, MD, FRCPC.