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2018 Robyn Allen Leadership Award recipients

September 7, 2018

Robyn Allen

The Robyn Allen Leadership Award is given annually to an individual who has made a unique contribution to the lives of Canadians living with severe allergies through their efforts in education, advocacy, community building, leadership, or fundraising. The award is in memory of Robyn Allen, a beautiful young girl who passed away from an allergic reaction. Although a food allergy to peanuts triggered the response, it was lack of awareness that led to her death.

It’s a tie! Being a valued part of the working group for the development of our post-secondary guide, Maryann Moffitt and Nicole Fetterly have used their expertise as campus dietitians to bring about important changes at their respective universities.

Maryann Moffitt

Maryann, from the University of Ottawa, worked closely with the foodservice company supplying the meals to university students, to ensure food allergen safety. She is regarded as a champion of on campus food allergy awareness and support and is an integral member of the University of Ottawa’s Food Allergy Team.

Nicole Fetterly

Nicole, from the University of Victoria developed a training program for foodservice employees at UBC and UVic. Nicole also amended the labelling and communication program for allergens on both campuses and spearheaded a stock epinephrine program for the University of Victoria all while continually supporting students with food allergies through one-on-one counseling appointments.

Both Maryann and Nicole have gone above and beyond as dietitians and champions of food allergy awareness and support on campus.

To learn more about the Robyn Allen Leadership Award, visit our community awards page.

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