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Advocacy: Letter to Uber Eats regarding Super Bowl ad

February 7, 2024

**Update as of February 9th**: Uber Eats has responded to our letter and connected with us about their Super Bowl ad. They have confirmed that the clip depicting peanut allergy will be removed. This is great news for the food allergy community! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen, together, we are making an impact.

Please see our letter to Uber Eats below regarding the portrayal of food allergy in their 2024 Super Bowl ad.

February 7, 2024

Dara Khosrowshahi
Chief Executive Officer
Uber Technologies Inc.

Dear Mr. Khosrowshahi,

On behalf of Food Allergy Canada and the community we serve, I am writing to express our deep concern and disappointment with the depiction of food allergy in the Uber Eats 2024 Super Bowl commercial titled “Don’t forget Uber Eats”.

We are requesting Uber Eats edit the commercial to remove the segment of concern as it adds no value and only does potential harm.

Individuals with food allergy across the globe, including over 3 million Canadians, are justifiably upset with the use of food allergy as comic relief. It is inappropriate to portray any medical condition in such a disrespectful way.

While the commercial alienates individuals with food allergy, the real harm is reducing the perception of its seriousness in the broader community and reinforcing that it’s okay to make fun of this potentially life-threatening condition. The fact that this is a Super Bowl commercial with exponential reach makes this even more harmful, as research shows that depicting medical conditions in a comical way reduces its perceived seriousness. Unlike other medical conditions, food allergy relies on having informed communities to support navigating safe food choices and preventing potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

Food Allergy Canada is the national advocacy and education organization for Canadians affected by food allergy. For those impacted, the simple act of eating is complicated and stressful. There is no cure for food allergy so avoiding your allergen is the only means to stay safe. 

As a global brand, we request that Uber commit to the standard of not using health conditions as a punchline and specific to food allergy, that you recognize this condition in a respectful manner. Additionally, as a dominant player in the foodservice sector, you have an opportunity to take a significant leadership role to support consumers with food allergy.

Our organization has a history of working collaboratively with the food industry on understanding the needs of consumers with food allergy and how best to support them. We would like to see Uber create positive change by taking concrete actions to support the food allergy community and build an inclusive environment.

We are open to meeting with the appropriate representatives of your company to discuss possible paths forward. In the interim, we request the commercial is edited accordingly. If you have any questions or would like to speak directly, you can reach me via the coordinates below.

Thank you.


Jennifer Gerdts, Executive Director
Food Allergy Canada
1 866 785-5660

Cc: Jill Hazelbaker, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs; Joe Navin, Head of Central Delivery Safety

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