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Ask the expert: What are some great substitutes for each of the priority allergens in Canada?

March 9, 2018

Linda Kirste, RD

Linda Kirste is a Registered Dietitian. She works at HealthLinkBC where she operates the Allergy Nutrition Service ― a tele-practice-based service that provides nutrition education, as well as counselling and follow-up care for residents of British Columbia with food allergies.

This month, Linda provides suggestions regarding substitutions for priority allergens, including a few recipes you may find helpful.

Even if you have multiple food allergies, there is likely a wide range of food options available to you, even if it doesn’t often feel that way. Facing food allergies can sabotage a sense of adventure and creativity in the kitchen and amplify feelings of missing out.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Aim to reclaim your kitchen, one step at a time. Start with small steps. Each one has the potential to rekindle your cooking and baking curiosity and offer a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Trying a new recipe, even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, can be a great start.

Listed below are substitutes for the priority (common) allergens as defined by Health Canada along with a few recipe ideas. The substitutes are divided into those that are similar nutritionally and those that serve a similar function in cooking, baking and meal planning. I hope they give you a little inspiration.

priority allergens substitution chart

Click on image to download the substitutions chart.

Disclaimer: The above table of substitutions does not replace a nutrition assessment and individualized nutrition care plan. See your registered dietitian, medical doctor or nurse practitioner for health advice.

Thanks Linda for for your inspiration and recipes suggestions! As a reminder when trying new recipes, always read ingredient lists carefully to ensure your allergen is not listed. Click here to review our tips on label reading.

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