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Participate in our back-to-school webinars with leaders in our community.

Portrait of happy high school girl studying in classWebinar with youth panel

For parents: Ask your questions live!

August 19 from 12pm-1pm EDT

Parents, get the inside scoop on how youth manage food allergy. Ask your questions directly with our youth panel who will be sharing their experiences managing food allergy in school, and how they manage transitions into new and different environments.

The panel features students in elementary school, high school and post-secondary school. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Dr. ChanWebinar with Dr. Edmond Chan

Oral food challenges: What they are and how you can gain insight into your food allergy

August 24 from 12pm-1pm EDT

Dr. Edmond Chan, Canadian Pediatric Allergist, will discuss the role of oral food challenges (OFCs) and what they can tell you.

You’ll learn who is the best candidate for an OFC, what they involve, what to ask your allergist when considering one, and more.

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