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Free resources

Pledge your support! Share these resources to show kids with food allergy you have non-food treats and that you are making Halloween inclusive and safe for all – this year and for years to come.

Check out these posters from our #ShineATealLight campaign.


  • If you’re giving out candy, these full-colour and printer-friendly posters can be displayed on your front door to let kids know you have allergy-friendly and non-food treats for them.
  • The posters are also great to raise awareness and for fundraising.
  • Click on the images to download the posters. The poster will then open in a new window where you can print.

Full-colour posters:

Shine a Teal Light Poster 1
Shine a Teal Light Poster 2
Shine a Teal Light Poster 3
Shine a teal light pledge poster

Printer-friendly posters:

Shine a Teal Light Poster 1
Shine a Teal Light Poster 2
Shine a Teal Light Poster 3
Shine a teal light pledge poster

Social icons for sharing

Download and share these fun Halloween Edition #FoodAllergyHacks!

  • Pledge your support and drive food allergy awareness by posting these #FoodAllergyHacks on social media. They are a great way to let your community know how you are making this Halloween fun and safe for kids with food allergy.
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #FoodAllergyHacks and #ShineATealLight when sharing on social media.
  • Click on the images to download the hacks. The image will then open in a new window. To save the image, right click the image and save them to your device.

Halloween Tip
Halloween Tip 15

Social posts for sharing

Shine a light bracelets on child's arm

Share these messages with your social community!

Please use #ShineATealLight in your messages and tag us, so we can like and share! Our handles are:

  • Facebook – @FoodAllergyCanada
  • Twitter – @FoodAllergyCAN
  • Instagram – @Food_Allergy_Canada

Message 1: Be inclusive: Help kids with #foodallergy have fun and stay safe on Halloween. Join me in participating in @FoodAllergyCanada’s #ShineATealLight campaign! foodallergycanada.ca/ShineATealLight

Message 2: I pledge to support kids with #foodallergy on Halloween by shining a teal light and having allergy-friendly/non-food treats on Halloween. Join the #ShineATealLight movement at foodallergycanada.ca/ShineATealLight. @FoodAllergyCanada

Message 3: Check out the <insert monument name> lit up in teal for #foodallergy awareness on Halloween! #ShineATealLight #LightItTeal @FoodAllergyCanada

Message 4: Food allergy can make treats tricky to navigate. Help make Halloween a safer, more inclusive one for kids with #foodallergy by shining a teal light to show you are offering allergy-friendly/non-food treats. #ShineATealLight @FoodAllergyCanada

Message 5: Check out this #FoodAllergyHack for keeping kids with food allergy safe on Halloween! foodallergycanada.ca/HalloweenHacks <insert hack>

Activities for parties and events

Adriana and Christian painting and making teal light crafts
Christian and Adriana Di Criscio from Montreal create teal lantern crafts for Halloween.
Tip sheet for party hosts

Tip sheet for party hosts

Make your celebration safe and inclusive for all. Check out our tips on having fun and staying safe.


For any questions you may have, contact us at info@foodallergycanada.ca, or call 1 866 785-5660.

Check out the other ways you can support kids with food allergy this Halloween:

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